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  • Increasing School-Home Communication From Your Classroom
    Engaging parents and families in their child’s educational journey is key given its association with students’ academic success and classroom behavior (Fan & Chen, 2001; McCormick et al., 2013). One component of family engagement is school-home communication (Epstein, 1995). School-home communication describes bidirectionally sharing information from both spheres of the child’s life. Schools are encouraged […]

Through Project LIFT (Learning Informs Focused Teaching), we seek to enhance professional preparation and practice related to developing advanced academic potential in the primary grades, particularly in students from underserved populations. The project focuses on teacher perceptions of high potential and use of instructional practices that may encourage and develop students’ advanced potential. The project encourages increased teacher involvement in the process of eliciting, recognizing, and responding to high potential in the primary grades, as well as supporting the ongoing development of critical and creative thinking skills in all students