LIFT Teachers



  • Treatment group teachers participate in summer professional development and implement project-developed lessons that support discourse and critical and creative thinking (approximately 4-6 reading and 4-6 math lessons per year) .
  • Comparison teachers will participate in professional development and have access to all project resources at the end of two years.
  • Classroom observations in treatment and comparison classrooms.
  • Participating teachers will receive stipends for training/participation.

Benefits of Participation:

    • Professional learning opportunities for teachers
    • Access to project-provided resources
    • Student engagement in additional learning opportunities that promote discourse and critical and creative thinking.
    • Project LIFT will contribute to school efforts to increase identification and participation ofstudents from typically underserved populations in advanced learning programs.

Participating project teachers will be asked to commit to the following:

  • Commitment as a pair of teachers to participate in the project for a period of just over two years (Spring 2018 to Summer 2020), with understanding that the two teachers in a pair will be randomly assigned to treatment and comparison conditions.
  • Participation in all professional learning activities, including summer workshop days for lesson cluster development, in each year of the project.
  • Completion of project instruments.
  • Agreement for project team to conduct regular classroom observations, with regular communication to support scheduling and arranging observations.
  • Implementation of project-developed lessons.

Summer 18 LIFT Institute

  • LIFT teachers in summer workshop discussion